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Creativity Against the Covid: Our arts faculty receives international recognition

Published on January 7, 2021 | 1050 views

Mr. Gurinder Pal Singh, Assistant Professor, Chitkara Design School received the “Digital Art of the Year” award in W-LOC 2020, World’s Largest Online Creativity Event organised by Chhapai.com in association with International Art & Imagination Forum (IAIF) and World Book Of Records, London.

Mr. Singh’s work was selected by 10,000 of the Globe’s most creative individuals in the design industry who came together to Create World’s Largest Design World Record & build the biggest design network.

On November 7-8 , thousands of National and International Artists came together to virtually showcase their works of art. World’s Largest Online Creativity Event (W-LOC) saw over 10000 + art submissions in 25 categories, in addition to more than 40 national and international speakers followed by an award show.

This was an initiative by Rajesh Batra, the man behind International Art & Imagination Forum (IAIF) who wanted to give back to the community of artists as he considered them the base of his startup, Chhapai.

IAIF shall be the largest global networking platform for young artists to meet & learn from prominent personalities and get global recognition for their creation.

Chappai was founded 15 years ago as a small printing company which aimed to cater for small and passionate entrepreneurs who were in need of very high-quality prints but did not have the volume or financial support.

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