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Conference on “Patient Safety” Organized at Chitkara School of Health Sciences

Published on March 29, 2016 | 1910 views

The students from MBA Healthcare, Chitkara School of Health Sciences organized a 2 day conference on “Patient Safety” in association with ICHA- Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation.The conference was conducted on 16-17th March, 2016 at Chitkara University Campus, Rajpura.

The invited speakers for the conference were Dr. Akhil Sangal, CEO, ICHA and Dr. Poonam Rajput, Consultant, ICHA.

Patient safety is a new healthcare discipline that emphasizes the reporting, analysis, and prevention of medical error that often leads to adverse healthcare events. Patient safety has become a critical issue globally due to the recognition or high incidence of errors in healthcare. The greatest challenge is to fill the gap between what we know and what is actually done. Further, complications are also due to the prevailing myths and perceptions about the healthcare while most of these errors are unintentional.

The conference was conducted to provide the answers to the important questions that arise with respect to patient safety and to inform, support and influence the health sector and people in general.

Patient Safety

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