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Clean drinking water initiative at village buta singh wala

Published on April 11, 2014 | 2020 views

Potable drinking water is one of the biggest problems in the nearby villages. The supply of potable water for drinking purpose was the biggest concern, as more and more persons are suffering from waterborne diseases like diarrhea, viral fever and typhoid. Under the CSR initiative, Chitkara University materialized the project in the year 2012 by deputing Mr. D.P. Gupta from Applied Sciences Department and Gautam Malik from Mechanical Engineering Department of Chitkara University, who provided technical support for establishing & commissioning the potable drinking water plant. Mr. Arif Khan is presently handling the day to day operations of this plant for the smooth running. The plant is supplying potable drinking water at cost to cost basis to the villager living in nearby villages. More than 100 families are drawing benefit from this initiative.


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