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Chitkara University takes centre stage in the Outlook 2023 Rankings

Published on July 19, 2023 | 558 views

Outlook 2023 Rankings - Chitkara University

Chitkara University shines in the Outlook 2023 Rankings, solidifying its reputation as an innovative institution that shapes visionary leaders. Breaking barriers and forging success, Chitkara University secures top-tier ranks across diverse disciplines, setting new benchmarks for academic prowess and innovation in education.

Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture and School of Mass Communication have been ranked 10th, inspiring creativity and impactful communication.

Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) was ranked 29th, fueling engineering brilliance and nurturing future minds.

Chitkara Business School was ranked 49th for BBA, and the Business School excels at 49th rank, nurturing agile business minds and entrepreneurship.

Institute of Engineering & Technology got the 49th Rank for BCA, and the institute achieved the 49th rank for its exceptional BCA program, empowering tech-savvy minds.

Chitkara School of Health Sciences, secured 58th Rank and the School of Health Sciences 58th rank, championing breakthrough research and fostering empathetic healthcare professionals.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University, shares her exhilaration, saying, “Innovation is at the core of our educational philosophy. These extraordinary rankings validate our commitment to fostering creativity, research, and leadership. Chitkara University is not just an institution; it’s a cradle of dreams where we sculpt future leaders who will make a difference on a global stage.”

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