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Chitkara University recognised as “The 25 Institutions for Higher Education 2017” by the knowledge review magazine.

Published on January 17, 2018 | 2767 views

Another feather in our cap; we are immensely proud to share that Chitkara University is once again recognised as one of the “The 25 Institutions For Higher Education 2017” by ‘The Knowledge Review’ Magazine, India Edition, November 2017. The ranking is given to the institutions, which are challenging the current education system and reforming it into a passion-driven, Industry-lead curriculum.

India is home to education, both technical and otherwise, which calls for quality pedagogy in place that prepares students for professional set up. With over 1.5 million schools, 260 million students enrolled in about 762 universities and 35,539 colleges, India is taking long strides in education. With securing the second spot for the number of students enrolled in higher education, India has the world’s largest higher education system in the world.

By the end of 2020, India will have the world’s largest tertiary age population and if it is seen on a global level, it will have the second largest graduate talent pipeline. The country will experience massive growth as far as education is concerned. Transformation and innovation will be the key by 2030 in higher education and this is where Chitkara University comes in. With its world-class campus and infrastructure, Chitkara University holds a promising future for scores of students, who wish to imbibe quality education.

The Knowledge Review ranking is a proof of our commitment to education and personality building among students. The Knowledge Review’s special issue on “The 25 Best Institutions for Higher Education 2017,” which lists out some of the outstanding Indian institutions on the path of radical reforms, is a platform where Chitkara University outshines most of its counterparts. We intuitively focus on enforcing renewed standards of higher education, quality aspects and looks forward to strengthening the DNA of education in India.

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