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Chitkara University Ranks 12th among India’s most Sustainable Universities

Published on December 8, 2023 | 324 views

India's most Sustainable Universities - Chitkara University

Chitkara University has secured remarkable achievement, securing the 12th position in India and an impressive global rank of 328th in the prestigious 2023 UI Green Metric World University Rankings. This distinction highlights the university’s dedicated efforts in championing sustainability, minimising the carbon footprint, and actively contributing to the global fight against climate change.

The rankings are a testament to Chitkara University’s commitment to sustainability, evidenced by its comprehensive approach across the pillars of Environment, Economics, and Equity. The evaluation criteria encompass vital areas such as transportation, water management, waste reduction, infrastructure, energy efficiency, climate action, and educational initiatives.

This recognition vividly showcases the university’s unwavering dedication and concrete actions towards sustainability. The accolades underscore Chitkara University’s commitment to fostering a campus environment that not only prioritises academic excellence but also integrates sustainable practices into every facet of its operations.

However, it is crucial to recognise that these accomplishments are not merely the result of institutional efforts but a testament to the collective dedication and tireless endeavours of the entire Chitkara University community, from students and faculty to staff and administration.

Chitkara University remains committed to its mission of integrating sustainability into every aspect of its academic and operational domains. The institution sees this achievement as a milestone and a catalyst for further advancements in sustainable practices, aligning seamlessly with its broader commitment to global environmental stewardship.

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