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Chitkara University, Punjab is now a “Recognized Beat Covid Campaign Institute”

Published on November 12, 2021 | 1083 views

Chitkara University, Punjab has now been recognized “Beat Covid Campaign Institute”. The university participated in “Each One Reach One Covid Mission” wherein faculty members and students contributed their valuable services to Covid patients and their families during the pandemic. The mission is part of the Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education’s (MGNCRA) ‘Beat Campaign,’ which is run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in India. Through Higher Education interventions, the council aims to foster a resilient rural India. MGNCRE’s principal goal is to research rural society and economy through higher education institutions in order to meet developmental needs and difficulties through participatory processes and appropriate technological responses based on local resources.

The council aims to create a pool of researchers and academics from various disciplines who are interested in working for rural areas, utilizing intellectual inputs in higher education. MGNCRA collaborates with higher education institutions, local governments, development agencies, and industry to create a synergic convergence of human resources that is socially and economically just and inclusive for rural India’s most disadvantaged people. They enable research into challenges and roadblocks in the Government of India’s rural human resource development projects, including failure and success stories, and fine-tuning programs and their implementation through curriculum reforms in higher education.

The council works with universities in the natural and social sciences, management sciences, and engineering to establish courses that address the issues that rural communities have in selecting acceptable technology solutions to support just and equitable economic and social development.

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