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Chitkara University Leaders at Cyber Security at AISS 2023

Published on December 26, 2023 | 169 views

Cyber Security at AISS 2023 - Chitkara University

In a notable collaboration between academia and industry, Dr. Praveen Kumar Khosla, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research), Chitkara University, Punjab, lent his expertise as a panellist in the engaging discussion on “Cyber Security: Research to Productization” at the Annual Information Security Summit (AISS) 2023. The event, a cornerstone in the realm of information security, brought together thought leaders, professionals, and academics to explore crucial aspects of cybersecurity.

Joining him at this prestigious summit was Rahul Mishra, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Chitkara University, further exemplifying the institution’s commitment to fostering insightful discussions on cutting-edge topics.

Chitkara University took center stage as the Academic Partner in NASSCOM DSCI AISS 2023, playing a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around cybersecurity. Delegates had the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the university’s Cyber Practice, showcasing Chitkara’s leadership in the field.

Dr. Khosla led the panel discussion, which focused on the crucial topic of converting research findings into usable applications—bridging the gap between research and productization. Emphasising collaborative approaches between academia and businesses, the discussion illuminated strategies to effectively address the disparities that often exist between research initiatives and their implementation in real-world scenarios.

The insights shared during the panel discussion underscored Chitkara University’s commitment to not only advancing academic research but also facilitating its seamless integration into practical solutions that contribute to the broader industry landscape.

As the Academic Partner, Chitkara University remains dedicated to fostering collaborations that drive innovation and elevate the discourse surrounding cybersecurity. The participation of Dr. Khosla and Rahul Mishra at AISS 2023 reflects the institution’s continuous efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering a dynamic environment where research seamlessly transforms into impactful products and solutions.

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