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Chitkara University hosts eminent author, screenwriter & influencer Chetan Bhagat

Published on May 30, 2020 | 1020 views

Chitkaka University hosted a Facebook live session with global Indian Author, Columnist Chetan Bhagat, the focus of his online interface was “Keeping your spirits high – Coming out as a winner in challenging times”.

Sharing his vast treasure of knowledge in a session which had a wide array of people joining in for the session and questions came from Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab on various issues ranging from how to keep your spirits up while battling COVID, future of Education during and post COVID period, the contribution of today’s youth in focusing on the economy.

Answering a question on how to keep up the spirit up during COVID times he said “my special message to students is don’t count the days, and stop guessing “kab khulega, kya hoga” “When everything will reopen and what next will happen”, just have balance and be strong-minded, indulge in creative writing and thinking, do something different as things will be back to normal in some time, substantiating the same he shared his experience of being in Hong Kong in 2003 as an investment banker when another serious epidemic SARS hit the country and left citizenry in a complete state of despair and hopelessness but with the time this phase got over and all those who nurtured a positive outlook wrote new success stories post SARS.

Replying to Dr. Madhu Chitkara’s question; that how has the youth taken this whole crisis, has there been a change in their direction, he said, that the students and youth have been largely spending more time on screen, ie mobiles TV laptop etc, he advised that they should do that but also spend more time on creative thinking and doing different things. He suggested 2 hours of a screen time a day, apart from education online is still reasonable.

To Dr. Niyati Chitkara’s question that what will be the future of education in post corona era his answer was that he can foresee a hybrid system of education gaining currency with the more increased focus on online modules along with campus education as it’s equally important for students to pick up the key learning’s which the only campus can provide.

In his deeply insightful dive into various questions, he also emphasized the importance of acquiring marketing skills in addition to scoring high grades in studies, future of VR (Virtual Reality) and many other key issues craving attention.

Watch the recorded live stream on our Facebook page here: bit.ly/2MgUrvB

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