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Chitkara University hosts conference on Pharmacy Practice Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance Trends

Published on November 11, 2019 | 1476 views

Conference on Pharmacy Practice Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance Trends-2019, at the campus on November 8-9, 2019. With 600 participants from across India, about 150 e-posters and 25 oral scientific presentations, the Conference witnessed technical sessions with prominent scientists and senior international decision-makers, who focused on evidence-based strategies to promote Pharmacovigilance in India.

Chief Guest Dr Santosh Kumar, Professor, Urology, PGI Chandigarh; along with esteemed dignitaries – Dr Kishore Gnasanan, Prof, GMU, Dubai; Dr Sumit Verma, Director Soterius Pharmacovigilance, Gurgaon; Dr Javed Aali, IPA Exec Committee; Dr R K Goel, APTI Punjab President; Dr Kishore, PGI; Sh Vikrant Gill, VP, Business Development, Eli Lilly Bangalore; Dr Ramesh Adepu, IPA representative; Dr Sundeep Chaurasia, Mankind Pharma; Dr Suresh Attilli, Senior Oncology Surgeon, Hyderabad; were in attendance at the 2-day conference.

Dr Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University; released the Conference Brochure and four books during the event, in the presence of the dignitaries.

Chitkara College of Pharmacy collaborated with Gulf Medical University, Dubai; Indian Pharma Association (IPA); Association of Pharma Teachers of India (APTI); and Industry Partners Amulya, Operant Pharma Association, Clinsync CRO Hyderabad; among others to organise the conference.

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