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Chitkara University hosts 40 MBA healthcare management professionals from Strathmore University, Kenya

Published on June 21, 2018 | 1455 views

Chitkara School of Health Sciences (CSHS) & International Department of Chitkara University hosted 40 MBA healthcare management professionals from Strathmore University, Kenya, on 28th to 31st May by orienting them to Indian health system and where India stands in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) status.

However hard it might sound but the visit exposed the harsh realities. As the debate of UHC continues, the health-care delivery system in India is at a turning point. UHC in India could take two different routes. The first one takes India toward becoming “global souk” of morbidity and ill health, founded on the pillars of a pulsating speedily multiplying healthcare industry. The other path takes India on a course of thwarting uneconomical, expensive health-care expenditure by sustaining healthy populations. It is a huge challenge in itself as India is a fast-growing population and dire steps need to be taken up to ensure healthy numbers. The visiting group from Kenya put across their point of view giving out their mind and suggesting options and paths that can be taken.

They were also exposed to public and private healthcare services along with a visit to the pharma industry.

Apart from this, it was more like a cultural fest for our fellow friends from Kenya as they soaked in Indian culture and traditions from the very start to the end. While expressing gratitude and thanking Chitkara University for being a state-of-the-art University and excellent host, they said that they look forward to stronger ties and bonds from here.

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