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Chitkara University excels in The Week Hansa Survey 2023, securing prominent rankings

Published on May 26, 2023 | 662 views

Week Hansa Survey 2023 - Chitkara University

Chitkara University has garnered significant recognition in The Week Hansa – Best Multidisciplinary Universities Survey for the year 2023. The university’s outstanding performance has secured it the 40th rank nationwide, solidifying its position among the top universities in India.

Chitkara University’s commitment to academic excellence and multidisciplinary education has been acknowledged in multiple categories. The university proudly claims the 2nd rank in India’s Top Emerging University category, highlighting its rapid ascent in the higher education landscape. Additionally, Chitkara University shines as the 12th-ranked institution in India’s Top Multidisciplinary Universities (North Zone) category, showcasing its regional prominence.

Further reinforcing its distinction, Chitkara University secures the 2nd rank in India’s Top North Zone Emerging Universities, underscoring its growth and potential in the northern region. In India’s Top University (Private & Deemed) in the North Zone category, the university attains an impressive 4th position, solidifying its status as a premier private and deemed university in the area. Finally, Chitkara University claims the 12th spot in India’s Top (Private & Deemed) Multidisciplinary Universities, showcasing its overall standing among esteemed private and deemed institutions.

These commendable rankings in The Week Hansa – Best Multidisciplinary Universities Survey 2023 not only affirm Chitkara University’s commitment to delivering quality education but also recognize its relentless pursuit of excellence in multidisciplinary education.

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