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Chitkara University bids adieu to yet another academic batch at ‘A Bientôt’18’

Published on April 30, 2018 | 1544 views

Goodbyes are not forever, they are until we meet again. Chitkara University organised a farewell party ‘A Bientôt’18’ to bid adieu to its outgoing students.

An array of activities followed by entertainment were organised at the party. Among them, one of the most sought after events was winning grand titles and subtitles. The shining stars of the university dazzled everyone with their killer looks, smart wit and exuberant talents to win titles for Mr./Ms. Èlan, Mr./Ms. Enticing, Mr./Ms. Bel-esprit and Mr./Ms. À Bientôt. The bar of the event was raised by engaging performances by students and also by the popular ventriloquist comedian Vighnesh Pande that left everyone in splits of laughter.

The winners of the various coveted titles were:
  • Mr. A Bientot – Atimukt (ECE)
  • Ms. A Bientot – Seerat Maan (BBA)
  • Mr. Bel-esprit – Yagik Mohan (Hospitality)
  • Ms. Bel-esprit – Radha Gupta (B.Pharm)
  • Mr. Enticing – Sambhav Jain (B.Pharm)
  • Ms. Enticing – Synthia (Hospitality)
  • Mr. Elan – Kanv Behal (ME)
  • Ms. Elan – Gazali (M.Pharm)

It was a fun-filled event, which will be cherished by our outgoing students in the times to come. We wish our students all the very best in their life!

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