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Chitkara University achieves high ranking in India Today ‘Best Colleges Survey 2021’

Published on June 29, 2021 | 1696 views

Chitkara University has once again achieved high ranking in India Today ‘Best Colleges Survey 2021’. Chitkara School of Hospitality has been ranked 4th in ‘Top 10 Private Emerging Hotel Management Colleges in India’ and 23rd in ‘Hotel Management Colleges in India’. Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology (CUIET) has been ranked 46th in ‘Top BCA Colleges in India’ and 47th in ‘Top Private Engineering Colleges in India’. Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture (CSAP) has been ranked 30th in ‘Top Architecture Colleges in India’. Chitkara School of Mass Communication (CSMC) was 35th in ‘Top Mass Communication Colleges in India’ and Chitkara Business School (CBS) was ranked 56th in ‘Top BBA Colleges in India’.

The 25th edition of India Today’s Best Colleges Survey delves into how institutes straddled the shift to digital education during the pandemic. The past year has been a watershed moment for education around the world. The pandemic threw the core structure of imparting institutional education into disarray as it had never been seen before. India was no different. Campus life in schools, colleges, and institutions across the country has come to a halt. Colleges were ranked across 14 streams-arts, science, commerce, medical, dental, engineering, architecture, law, mass communication, hotel management, BBA, BCA, fashion and social work. India Today has partnered with the reputed Delhi-based market research agency Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA) to rank colleges across 14 streams.

To come up with the most thorough and balanced means of evaluating institutions, the agency created 112 performance indicators in each stream. Intake Quality & Governance, Academic Excellence, Infrastructure & Living Experience, Personality & Leadership Development, and Career Progression & Placement were the five main factors that were used to group these variables. They also tried to figure out how universities prepared for the pandemic. MDRA evaluated universities using current-year data in order to provide realistic, relevant, and accurate information. Between December 2020 and June 2021, the groundwork was completed.

Chitkara University continues to top the charts by being placed among the best of the best in the top 50. The India Today Group’s annual college survey has for the past two decades authentically reflected the state and progress of the country’s colleges.

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