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Chitkara student heads to Google Community Summit 2013 at Goa

Published on September 24, 2013 | 2584 views

Owing to his need to learn more and explore even more, Gunraj Singh, a CSE student, is at the Google Community Summit 2013 at Goa.

While speaking to Gunraj we came to know that Gunraj is extremely excited about the summit and stated that, “I have ‘EXPERIENCED’ magic, now it’s time to ‘CREATE’”.

Gunraj added, “The biggest community summit in the world-Google India Community Summit, 2013, is the best thing that ever happened to me. The venue is The Leela Palace, Goa. The summit began with a bang as the famous Googlers from around the world addressed us, shared their success stories and showcased the insights on different Google products. They made me realize how special and big it is to be a ‘GSA’, to be a part of the biggest online brand-THE GOOGLE.”

Gunraj said that he was made aware about the responsibilities of being a GSA, and how can he create an impact on his community, university and surroundings, with the rigorous training and knowledge they empowered him with during the summit, one phrase to sum up the various activities he has to undertake being a GSA is ‘GOING GOOGLE’ and he hopes to do justice with this coveted title of ‘GSA’.

As a Google Student Ambassador, Gunraj will form a Google Core Team in the campus, which will comprise of deserving and determined students having passion to work for Google, few of them will be awarded with letter of appreciation from Google.

While extending his gratitude to his University Gunraj said, “I want to sincerely thank Chitkara University and my Deputy Dean Ms. Meenu Khurana for introducing me to such a great opportunity.”


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