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Chitkara School of Computer Applications organised an Expert Talk on ‘Diluting Stress’

Published on September 30, 2016 | 1574 views

Chitkara School of Computer Applications organised an expert talk on “Diluting Stress” conducted by Prof. E.V. Swaminathan. Prof. Swaminathan is a dynamic trainer, counselor and consultant with a clear focus on delivering value to the industry since last 12 years.

Adorned with Degree in B.Tech – Engineering and Management Faculty, a dynamic Human Resource Trainer, he has conducted training at IIT’s, NITs, Centre of Excellence – IIM, Medical Colleges, BARC, TIFR, Indian Army, Navy, Air force, NSG, Corporates and many institutions across the country and abroad.

He said in our daily life we are constantly dealing with stress, and that stress settles in our bodies. It makes us reactive, antsy, irritable, and depressed and often is the reason people look to outside sources for relief (i.e. drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.). Stress can come in great and amazing moments in our life and it can arise in dysfunctional, heart wrenching moments.

To unwind these stresses one has to have the motivation and tools to dissolve the knots and return to our natural born right to be expansive and healthy in this world. Diluting stress can be challenging without tools to transcend. Prof Swaminathan stated that it is imperative for students to handle stress and get rid of it. he answered various questions at the end of the session.


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