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Chitkara School of Languages delivers a hands-on experience in strategizing & team building to the 5th sem students of IHM

Published on July 18, 2018 | 2643 views

United we stand! This old saying has a significant relevance in all spheres of life. When many minds come together, enormous tasks are accomplished successfully within no span of time. A hands-on experience in the power of strategizing and teamwork was delivered to the students of IHM 5th semester today by the Inlingua International School of Languages through fun-filled innovative activities.

In the first activity dubbed the Caterpillar race, the students were divided into teams and their feet were tied. They were then expected to complete the zig-zag track laid with the help of hula hoop rings. This challenging yet fun-filled activity required the students to come up with a strategy to complete the race in the minimum time span, without fouling.

The next activity was the straw activity, where the students were supposed to transfer a rubber band for the straws held in their mouths to their partners, without the use of their hands. Again this activity required high level of coordination and participation from all the members, so that the rubber band doesn’t fall off.

The breezy weather with gentle drizzling made the entire experience really memorable for the students.

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