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Chitkara, Govt College of Arts students match their strokes at joint sketching session

Published on September 23, 2013 | 3124 views

The sketching session was held on Government College of Art premises. This joint exercise was organized by Prof. Nitin Dutt as part of the eight-day long Foundation Workshop for 120 newly admitted students of Bachelor of Architecture program at Chitkara University. Ar. Niyati Jigyasu, Ar. Kanika Bansal, Ar. Harveen Bhandari, Ar. Amar Solanki, Ar. Neha Garg, Ar. Shefali Joshi, and Mr. Gurpreet Singh, faculty members from Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture, were also part of the exercise and interacted with students of both the institutions.

As expressed by Prof. Nitin Dutt, the common sketching sessions are aimed at inculcating a deep interest among students for sketching and developing a level of proficiency in it.

He said, students of architecture and visual arts are essentially the two sides of the same coin. Students of both B.Arch and BFA effectively deploy the expressive tool of sketching towards their respective creative ends. Armed with such an efficient and representational tool, where architecture students would further deploy these skills towards ideation and visualization, for the visual arts students it is lifelong engagement. The workshop also addresses the importance of sensitizing students towards drawing from observation and other methods of visual representation that are being overlooked in our digital age.

The sketching sessions included demonstration and group discussions conducted jointly by the faculty members from both the institution. Later, Prof. Nitin Dutt thanked Sh. Manohar Lal, Principal, Government College of Arts, and Sh. Ravinder Sharma and Shivani Bhalla, members for agreeing to conduct such joint session on their premises. Sh. Manohar Lal expressed that this exercise was extremely useful in bringing student from the two institutions together on a similar platform and would look forward to such activities in future.


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