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Chitkara faculty terms research as a never-ending quest in Hindustan Times

Published on February 4, 2015 | 2006 views

Research is a never-ending quest, Mr. Bishwajeet Pandey, Assistant Professor, Microelectronics and Information Systems Research Centre, CURIN, at Chitkara University, stated in his Interview published in one of the leading national dailies ‘Hindustan Times’.

Mr Pandey states that he derives his motivation for research from the fact that it benefits society. He started research from IIT, Gwalior, and then moved to CDAC, Noida, eventually reaching out to SAARC researchers and then established Gyancity research lab with researchers from 11nations, which is collaborating with DM Akbar Hussain of Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark, and Chitkara University Research and Innovation, Chandigarh.

He believes that research is rewarding irrespective of being tough and otherwise and it can find solutions to situations in life. Mr Pandey states that his tryst with research shall continue.

Mr. Bishwajeet Pandey

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