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Chitkara faculty presents four volumes of compilation

Published on January 10, 2015 | 2184 views

Prof. Nitin Dutt, Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture, presented four volumes of compilations to Prof. I.J.S. Bakshi, Director, Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture. These papers and presentations were an attempt to critically analyze various topics at hands and to understand the larger relationship between art and architecture.

Prof. Nitin Dutt conducted the course of Art & Architecture, AL2-415 past semester. The course of Art & Architecture, AL2-415 was conducted at Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture as an elective for students from the seventh semester.

The course aimed at surveying the confluence of art and architecture, which spans across human civilization. All four volumes comprise compilation of papers written by students and the corresponding presentations made.


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