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Chitkara College of Pharmacy hosts ‘Pharmacy Practice Summit 2019’, brings in experts for deliberations

Published on April 23, 2019 | 1455 views

The aspect of Pharmacy Practice, that involves extensive expert opinion on the use of drugs, prescription efficacy, options for precision & customised medication, monitoring and improved therapeutics, is an essential corollary to Healthcare team.

Indian Pharma industry has made its mark in formulation manufacturing capacity, global regulatory compliance, generics and branded generics. Community Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Services represent areas with scope for ideas, strategy, and implementation with global regulatory standards. For extensive deliberation on the same, Pharmacy Practice Summit 2019; was organised at Chitkara University, Punjab, as a Collaborative Summit by institutions offering Pharm D programs in North India, partnering with APTI, IPA, IHPA, and industries.

The dignitaries included Dr Dixon Thomas, Gulf Medical University, UAE; Dr Manjeeri Gharat, Head, Community Pharmacy Division, IPA; Dr S Ponnusankar, Head, Pharmacy Practice, JSS Univ Ooty; Dr Avneesh Kumar, Director, DRME, Punjab; Shri N K Ahuja, Controler, Food and Drugs, Haryana; Dr Gurbir Singh, VP, Fortis Mohali; Dr Shweta Prabhakar, RM, Quality, Fortis; Dr Vidushi Sharma, Clinical Pharmacologist, Fortis; Dr R K Goel, Prof, DPSDR, PU Patiala; Dr G D Gupta, ISF Moga; Dr H C Patil, Adesh Inst, Bhatinda; Mr Sunil Verma, Director, ACI; Ms Payal Behl, CEO Child Welfare, HP.

After technical sessions, a stimulating panel discussion on ‘Global Clinical and Community Pharmacy Services: The missing link in India’ was held with an intensive deliberation and proposals for PCI and IPA.

Also, APTI Oration Excellence Awards were conducted with student’s group discussion activities and e-poster presentations.

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