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Chitkara Business School and Punjab Chemicals Join Forces for CSR Project

Published on January 31, 2024 | 179 views

CSR Project - Chitkara University

In a significant stride towards empowering rural communities, the Centre for Digital Marketing & Strategy at Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, has entered into a collaborative venture with Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Limited (PCCPL). The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed for a joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project marks a pivotal moment in fostering digital empowerment in the rural parts of Punjab.

The MoU was formalized in a ceremony attended by esteemed dignitaries, including Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University, and Vinod Gupta, CEO of PCCPL. The signing event witnessed the presence of Yash Tripathi, AVP-HR at PCCPL, Rishu Chatley, Company Secretary at PCCPL, Dr. Archana Mantri, Vice Chancellor at Chitkara University, Punjab, Dr. Sandhir Sharma, Pro Vice Chancellor at Chitkara Business School, and Dr. Prachi Gupta, Director of the Centre for Digital Marketing & Strategy at Chitkara Business School, who is also the Principal Investigator of the Project.

This groundbreaking CSR initiative focuses on the digital empowerment of rural women, with a specific emphasis on health and hygiene. The project aims to sensitize, train, and empower women in the adopted villages of Chitkara University, Punjab, and the surrounding areas of Punjab Chemicals’ facilities.

Through skill-building workshops and digital literacy programs, the initiative endeavours to equip rural women with the necessary tools to address women’s health-related issues effectively. The collaborative efforts between Chitkara Business School and PCCPL reflect a shared commitment to leveraging digital platforms for social impact, fostering sustainable development, and bridging the digital divide in rural communities.

Dr. Prachi Gupta, Director of the Centre for Digital Marketing & Strategy, expressed optimism about the project’s potential impact, stating, “This partnership signifies a concerted effort towards social responsibility and underscores the transformative power of digital education in improving lives.”

As the project unfolds, Chitkara Business School and Punjab Chemicals are poised to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of rural women, reinforcing the importance of corporate collaboration for societal upliftment.

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