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Chef Abeekh gives demo on Indian food to students from Germany

Published on February 10, 2014 | 2392 views

When Chitkara students go out to experience the global culture, we expect that they pay attention to the food as it forms an integral part of a particular culture, similarly, when students come to Chitkara University from across the seven seas, we make a genuine attempt to make them experience the Indian culture and how could food be left out. This made Chef Abeekh from Chitkara University give a demonstration on Indian cuisine to students who visited us from Germany.

The demonstration was on preparation of Indian food. The items included Chicken Makhni, Warqi Paratha and Shahi Tukda. The participants also tried the hand on making Paratha.

The students stated that they enjoyed every bit of it and also mentioned that Indian cuisine was diverse and definitely was not an easy thing to learn. They thanked everyone at Chitkara School of Hospitality for initiating the demonstration.


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