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CEED Signs MoU with Technology Innovation and Startup Centre (TISC), IIT Jodhpur

Published on January 15, 2024 | 145 views

CEED Signs MoU with Technology Innovation - Chitkara University

In a significant stride towards fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, Chitkara University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) has entered into a strategic collaboration with the Technology Innovation and Startup Centre (TISC) at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) formalising this collaboration was recently signed in the presence of Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor of Chitkara University, and Mr. Vignesh Mohan, CEO of IIT Jodhpur TISC. Piyush Garg, Vice President of CEED, Chitkara University, also graced the occasion, signifying the commitment of both institutions towards fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

This strategic collaboration aims to synergize the strengths of entrepreneurship, academia, research, and technology, creating an ecosystem that propels budding entrepreneurs towards unparalleled success. The MoU sets the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas, resources, and opportunities, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

Chitkara University has always championed the power of collaboration as a catalyst for opening new doors, creating opportunities, and driving innovation. With this collaboration, the university envisions establishing a robust network that empowers entrepreneurs, providing them with a global platform to make a lasting impact. Dr. Madhu Chitkara expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This partnership signifies our commitment to creating an ecosystem where the spirit of entrepreneurship is nurtured and groundbreaking ideas find the support they need to flourish. We are excited about the prospects this collaboration holds for our students and the entrepreneurial community at large.”

As Chitkara University and IIT Jodhpur join hands, the shared vision is to not only empower individual entrepreneurs but also collectively contribute to driving innovation on a global scale. The collaboration represents a pivotal moment in the journey of both institutions towards creating a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

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