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CCP students get certified in Pilot Scale Development and Regulatory Affairs

Published on March 2, 2019 | 1043 views

A batch of 25 students from B Pharm, Semester VI, attended a 5-Day Certification workshop at NIPER, Mohali, on Pharmaceutical Pilot Scale Development, regulatory affairs and validation procedures.

The workshop was collaborated by Dr Rajkumar, Asso Professor, Pilot Plant, NIPER; with Dr Sandeep Arora, Director, CCP; and expert sessions were conducted by Experts from Industry including Dr Balwinder Kaur, Former QA and Regulatory Head, Sentis Pharma; and other Experts from other Pharma industries.

After small scale development of formulations, studies on standardization of large scale manufacturing operations are carried out as Pilot Scale studies to develop SOPs (standard operating procedures) for commercial manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals and was followed by a visit to the commercial manufacturing facility of Ind Swift Pharmaceuticals. Dr Ajmer Singh and Dr Tapan Behl, Asso Prof, CCP; coordinated the event.


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