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CCEW student grabs spotlight

Published on May 26, 2014 | 2404 views

Gone those days when man used to be master of one art. Nowadays, it is the age of being Jack-of-all-trades. Harleen Deol, a young student pursuing B.Ed from Chitkara College of Education for Women recently witnessed spot light after her work was covered by the Hindustan Times newspaper in Candid Photography article.

Harleen, a vibrant student started her passion for photography at a tender age and soon she realized that she had an eye for beauty that got reflected in her photography. No sooner, her talent was recognized by people around and she started getting assignments for wedding photography where her clients wanted their shots to be outspoken and not conventional.

Harleen’s key mantra is that candid photography is all about capturing gamut of emotions that would make the pictures feel alive and give every picture a thousand word to speak. She believes that the wedding photography is undergoing a makeover and now the new generation wants such shots that don’t need any explanation.

Even with such an immense and in-depth knowledge of photography, Harleen still aspires to become a teacher so that she can act as a guiding force for generations to come. Asked about her photography expedition, she spoke that she doesn’t mind sailing in both the boats till the time both these arenas give her mental satisfaction she has been craving for.

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