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Bits n Bytes organised a fun-filled half-day activity BITSQUEST

Published on September 12, 2017 | 1951 views

Bits n Bytes organised a fun-filled half-day activity, BITSQUEST on 6th Sep, 12:40 pm onwards at Pulitzer Hall.

Around 60 participants battled it out to win the ultimate fun event consisting of four rounds: First round Wordsworth tested their brain power; the participants have to form maximum short meaningful words from a long word in 1 minute. 8 teams of four members were formed that went into the second round MAD ADS in which the participant has to advertise an interesting product given to them. 5 teams were selected which competed in the third round CINEMAZE in which each team was asked 5 questions to test their Bollywood/Hollywood trivia. The three teams who gave the maximum correct answers entered the final round VIDSMASH in which their acting skills were tested.

Judges Mr Manuj and Ms Shina Pahuja gave away the prizes to the winners- Dhruv Bakshi, Kashika Sharda, Kritika Puri and Kanu Goel (all of CSE 3rd year). Overall it was a great event.

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