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Bienvenue welcomed freshers at Chitkara University

Published on September 16, 2014 | 5766 views

Chitkara University organized a fresher 2014 ‘Bienvenue’ to mark the welcoming ceremony of the new batch for various schools as graduates and post graduates.

Students of various departments like Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Engineering, Hospitality, etc. participated in the Fresher party, which was based on the Bollywood theme.

Students were all dressed up in the Bollywood style from the era of 60s and 70s. Rakshit from Architecture won Chitkara Idol Male and Shivika from ECE won Chitkara Female Idol. Pushkin from Hospitality was honoured with Mr. Dabang title and Neha from BBA was titled Ms. Haawa Hawai. The title of Most Sagacious was given to Mugdha and Mr. Khiladi title was given to Ishan Mehta. Kriti from Mass Communication was bestowed with the title of Ms. Queen.

Various dance and band performances were given by the senior students to welcome their juniors and the milieu of the university was very youthful and energetic. The main highlight of the Fresher party was the performance by DJ Tejas that enlightened the whole atmosphere with his vibrant performance.

fresher 2014 ‘Bienvenue

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