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B20 engagement group membership to enable Chitkara to influence policy decisions

Published on March 11, 2023 | 670 views

Chitkara University is now officially a member of the B20 engagement group, which is the business engagement group under the G20 Presidency. The B20 engagement group is a platform that brings together representatives of the business community from G20 countries to provide recommendations to the G20 leaders on policy issues related to the global economy.

Chitkara University is a member of the task force for the theme- “Future of Work, Skilling, and Mobility” under the mentorship of the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Being a member of the B20 engagement group will provide Chitkara University with valuable networking opportunities, access to information, advocacy, etc. These benefits will help us achieve our strategic goals and objectives, and promote student interest on the global stage.

It’s a privilege and a promising opportunity for all stakeholders of Chitkara University to contribute towards India’s mission of “One Earth, One Family, One Future”.

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