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Asif Ayoob, an MBA in HR student receives a ‘Certificate of Commitment’ Award by the ‘World Book of Records’ London

Published on May 10, 2021 | 1320 views

With exemplary vision and capabilities, Asif Ayoob, an MBA-Human Resource student of Chitkara Business School and Youth Goodwill Ambassador of UN Academic Impact Programs received a ‘Certificate of Commitment’ Award by the ‘World Book of Records’ London. He received validation for his dedicated and relentless commitment to promoting safety against the Covid-19 pandemic as well as having pledged to incorporate practices society for the prevention of Coronavirus disease as specified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Previously, ‘UN Chronicle’, the official magazine of the United Nations, published the article titled ‘Managing Plastic Pollution; Could University Campuses Serve As Vectors Of Change?’ written by Asif Ayoob,. The article has been published in the 2021 April edition of the UN Chronicle. The magazine generally features in-depth articles of UN officials, international experts and policy-makers across the world. The article encompasses a project proposal for the sustainable management of plastic wastes from rural areas of the country through a participatory approach from local people under the guidance and support from Universities and academic institutions.
He is also the student youth ambassador of UN Academic Impact Programs, Chitkara University, Punjab and has interviewed various students and faculty members as a part of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

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