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Arshdeep Singh, B.E. CSE student along with his team won the AWS Data Exchange Challenge for their Healthcare App

Published on November 6, 2020 | 1846 views

Arshdeep Singh and his team had virtually participated in the AWS DATA EXCHANGE CHALLENGE, held at USA, wherein their submission ‘TrackMyCovid’ won an honourable mention in the challenge. Their team is also featured in the AWS Blog Post and the AWS social channels and they also received $600 in kind and cash.

The main feature of this app is that it takes your home location and sets it as a safe zone where COVID exposure levels are 0 and the app classifies the data received from the AWS Data Exchange Enigma Corona Tracker; it classifies every place in the world as one of 3 zones. Zone 1 is a green zone where COVID cases are light to almost none, for example, countries with less COVID cases or in general, an empty space; Zone 2 is an orange zone where you have orange level exposure where COVID cases are mediocre and finally, Zone 3 which is a red zone where there is a heavy COVID population concentration and that also includes public spaces.

The AWS DATA EXCHANGE CHALLENGE is a platform for people to show their skills and talents by collaborating with others. It covers a wide range of domains like Healthcare, Retail, and much more.

Kudos to Arshdeep Singh and his team for this great innovative idea. Wishing them all the best for all their future projects !!

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