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ALUMNI MEET – REMINISCE 2017 @ Chandigarh Chapter- Time to cherish the bond

Published on June 1, 2017 | 1661 views

It is important to connect and reconnect and this is one of the reasons that we strengthen the bond with our Alumni every now and then. One such grand event was the Alumni meet- Reminisce 2017@ Chandigarh Chapter. This was the third Alumni Meet at Chandigarh, which was held at FLYP@MTV Cafe, Chandigarh on Saturday, 27th May 2017, at 7:00 PM. Over 500 Alumni participated in the meet.

The Alumni meet was indeed a chance to reconnect the Alumni with their Alma Mater. It allowed them to relive the carefree days of their college lives taking a fascinating trip down the memory lane that gave our alumni an opportunity to see old friends again and catch up with them. They came across places and stories that were almost forgotten. Some things changed, some stayed the same and it was a pleasure see them share their experiences after they left the pedestal where they learnt to dream and achieve.

After some great conversation, they had the time of the lives as they indulged in some great fun and frolic. Words can’t describe the excitement and renewed camaraderie during the reunion of more than 500 Alumni of Chitkara University.

As the years pass by and winds of change keep blowing, the Alumni meet too shall keep evolving with the pace of time, hoping to bring to the alumni an experience that they may cherish all their lives. We deeply believe that the union we share with our students and Alumni is profound and means much to us. We do every bit to make our Alumni come back to us, interact, share, bond, add meaning and do much more than just being a memory. We feel that we have proved this belief of ours in all these years and will keep doing so in the years to come.

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