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Alumni Meet Pune Chapter: Chitkara alumni ‘Relive, Reconnect & Refresh’ memories, share secrets of their success

Published on December 17, 2018 | 1837 views

It was a moment of re-living experiences, remembering the anecdotes, and laughing once again on the stories that the college campus walls spoke of in silence all this while as the Alumni from across the country came together to ‘Relive, Reconnect & Refresh’ the memories of being a Chitkarian at the grant event – Alumni Meet Pune Chapter held at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune on December 8, 2018. The event was a huge success with an overwhelming number of alumni who made it a memorable event.

In all, around 400 alumni participated in Pune Chapter. On behalf of Chitkara faculty, staff and students – CAN welcomed the guests with love in their hearts and warm smiles. Students had rich conversations with the alumni, the experienced ones threw light on the path for those who were about to begin their journey in the corporate world, and they gave them advice on career and education, and also shared secrets to passing down the legacy of having the best time of their life on the University campus. The event also gave the alumni an opportunity to meet with fellow graduates and the faculty members, and further lend their support in inventive ways – to be mentors, help secure an internship, be a guest speaker and donate that would help to shape the future of this great University.

The party included some interesting and fun activities, loaded with power-packed performances which kept the spirits high. Great music, dance and lots of catching up on memorable moments made the party a thrilling affair. The Alumni Meet Pune Chapter-2018 came to an end with echoing stories, passionate conversations, emotional portals to the past, giving out souvenirs to the Alumni and thanking them for their gracious presence.

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