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Alumni Amandeep Sidhu, ME batch 2002 currently working as Technical Program Manager II, in Amazon, California USA

Published on May 7, 2018 | 6229 views

Chitkara Alumni Network is an initiative to create and maintain a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni spread across the Globe and to bring together the “Alumni Community” on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional networking. We are sharing a message for Chitkara from our Alumni from Mechanical Engineering Batch 2002 – Amandeep Singh Sidhu, who is currently working as Technical Program Manager II, in Amazon, California, United States of America.

Amandeep – Joining Chitkara Engineering College in 2002 was a life-changing event for me. I was provided with innumerable opportunities to learn and grow in the four years I spent there. What set the college apart was a deep academic focus afforded through access to top class faculty and facilities coupled with an equally intense emphasis on all-round development through sports tournaments and cultural events. I was very lucky to leverage these opportunities. More than a decade later, I still remember the memorable time I spent at Chitkara Engineering College encompassing field trips, basketball tournaments, dance competitions and classroom learning.

The current students should also maximize these opportunities that are presented to them by the University and work both on developing technical expertise in the classroom and team and leadership skills by participating in co-curricular activities. To be successful one needs both in equal measure. Most importantly they should have a lot of fun, make friends and lots of memories while doing all of this, which I did and today I am a proud Alumni of Chitkara.

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