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The alpha teachers of Chitkara College of Education participated in a workshop on Capacity for Resolving Conflicts

Published on January 19, 2018 | 1720 views

If you are at Chitkara, you can be rest assured that your learning curve is soaring all the time. To add to their already existing reservoir of skill set, the alpha teachers from Chitkara College of Education were delivered a crisp workshop on Capacity for Resolving Conflicts to acquaint them with various strategies of conflict resolution.

The three-hour workshop comprised various fun activities related to the topic to elicit various conflicting scenarios and how to best deal with them. The participants were also made to indulge in healthy discussions on the reasons for conflicts through intriguing real-time case studies and videos. Through role plays, they were made to understand various coping mechanisms to resolve conflicts, which will definitely help them in their future professional life.

Mr. Navgeet Kohli, Associate Professor, Chitkara School of Languages was the facilitator for the workshop.

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