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Aeshwarya Bapat from JW Marriott, Chandigarh, talks about menu merchandizing

Published on February 1, 2016 | 2479 views

Mr. Aeshwarya Bapat, Assistant Manager F&B at JW Marriott, Chandigarh, delivered a Guest Lecture for second and final year BSc H&HA students on ‘Menu Merchandizing’.

He shared his professional journey with students, which motivated them to work with passion and zeal towards achieving their goals. He counseled the students about various F&B related ‪‎job‬ opportunities within ‪‎hotels‬ and allied industries.

He stated that menus comprise the second most powerful tool that restaurant operators have to market their products. While team members typically influence what your guests order, restaurant menus, if merchandised correctly, can be a factor in determining how much your guests will spend.

Successful restaurant operators merchandise menus to define the concept, align customer expectations to match the dining experience, and utilize a powerful marketing tool that attracts customer attention. Menu merchandising goes a long way towards determining customer satisfaction, profitability, and restaurant longevity.

He talked about images, design, cleanliness and appearance of a menu. In the end, he added that the value of menu merchandising would translate into increased sales for a restaurant.


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