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Mr. Jatinder Ashta and Ms. Anu Modi Assistant Prof of CSE gets A+ grade in group activity at Infosys

Published on January 19, 2016 | 2001 views

Mr. Jatinder Ashta,and Ms. Anu Modi, Assistant ‎Professor‬s of Chitkara Department of ‎Computer Sciences,‬ participated in ‘The Faculty Enablement Program (Foundation Program 4.0)’at ‎Infosys,‬ Chandigarh DC.

They secured an A+ grade while participating in the group activity given by theFEP‬ Team. The program was about significance usage of tools in industry and practical approach towards solving business problems.

This Faculty Enablement Program brought together several partner engineering college faculty members under one roof to discuss the significance of various methods adopted to solve business problems through industry tools.

During the program various sessions on topics like learning and teaching styles, object oriented programming, databases and soft skills were conducted, which helped to enrich the knowledge of the faculty members.

The session was an enriching experience for the faculty as several things pertaining to teaching and professional set-up were talked about.


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