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Dr. Sangeeta Pant represents the University at Meet on ‪Yoga‬ ‪Education‬ for Teacher Educators at Bengaluru

Published on August 18, 2015 | 2362 views

Dr. Sangeeta Pant, Dean Chitkara College of Education for Women, represented Chitkara University at ‘Meet on ‪‎Yoga‬ ‪Education‬ for Teacher Educators’ organised by the National ‪Council‬ for Teacher Education, NCTE, all over the country to bring out the emphasis of Yoga in ‪education‬. The national meet took place at Swami Vivekanda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, SVYASA Bengaluru.
The meet stressed on yoga stating that yoga is one path to a classroom where teachers and students can relax in the face of stress, and love themselves, each other, and their work a little more. Yoga helps teachers explore their ability to control their responses to stressful situations. They often cannot control the situation itself or individual players in it, but they can remain calm, slow down their responses, make better choices, feel empowered, and take clear action.
Through the internal focus of yoga, teachers can build awareness of their energy and how it’s affected by times of the day, meals, interactions, interruptions, and both everyday and unusual stressors. From that internal awareness, they develop the ability to acknowledge and influence the energy of others.
The meet was very informative and took the participants way back into the time of yore when Yoga was the essence of living.


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