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6th semester students of CSH organized “Himachli Theme Lunch”

Published on April 4, 2016 | 1827 views

“Dev Bhumi Himachal” – this is how Himachal Pradesh is known as. And why not, the place itself is so scenic, beautiful and divine that it attracts everyone’s attention. Be it snow laden Alpine tree, valley of Kangra or the Church of Mall road Shimla, all these have become synonyms of Himachal. It seems that one in resting in the lap of nature. The same gets justified with equally good delicious dishes of this region.

6th semester students of CSH organized Himachli Theme Lunch in ATR and brought together the delicacies of different regions of Himachal under one roof.

There were almost 100 guests who tickled their taste buds with mouthwatering dishes. This time the highlight was the authentic regional dishes prepared in traditional style. It was a fusion of dishes from almost twelve districts of Himachal. “Patrod and Dadu wala Murg” was served as starter, where as “Rada Murg” and Rajma Ka Madra” was the lip smacking dish appreciated by all guests as main course. Another specialty of the occasion was the live “Jalebi” counter.

The décor and theme of the restaurant was very attractive. All the decorative materials used in the restaurant were eco friendly and were made by waste paper. The models of Mall Road Church, step farming and thundering cloud was going very well with the theme.

Not only the food and ambience but even culture of the region was presented by students. They performed folk dance “Nati” in front of the guests. A separate section was created with traditional outfits, where guests captured the moment by trying these attires and ornaments. It was very pleasant moment for all people on the venue. Every one gave very positive feedback about the event.


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