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2019 Outlook-Drshti Survey: Chitkara Architecture placed at 15th; Hospitality at 16th, Mass Communication at 23rd spot

Published on July 16, 2019 | 1955 views

The 2019 Outlook-Drshti Survey of India’s Best Professional Colleges is out. And needless to say, Chitkara University continues to top the charts!

In the independent survey featured in Outlook Magazine’s June issue, Chitkara School Of Planning & Architecture has been placed at the 15th Spot in ‘India’s Top 20 Institutes Of Architecture in 2019’; with parameters and scores including – ‘Selection Process & Institute Profile’ 106/200, ‘Academics’ 136/250, ‘Personality development & exposure’ 126/200, ‘Infrastructure & facilities’ 108/175, ‘Placements & Graduating Outcome’ 108/175. The overall score was 584/1000. Chitkara School of Hospitality has been placed at the 16th Spot in ‘India’s Top 20 Hotel Management Institutes in 2019’; with parameters and scores including – ‘Selection Process & Institute Profile’ 71/200, ‘Academics’ 199/250, ‘Personality development & exposure’ 156/200, ‘Infrastructure & facilities’ 159/175, ‘Placements & Graduating Outcome’ 141/175. The overall score was 725/1000. Chitkara School of Mass Communication has been placed at the 23rd Spot in ‘India’s Top 25 Mass Communication Institutes in 2019’; with parameters and scores including – ‘Selection Process & Institute Profile’ 101/200, ‘Academics’ 122/250, ‘Personality development & exposure’ 116/200, ‘Infrastructure & facilities’ 117/175, ‘Placements & Graduating Outcome’ 103/175. The overall score was 559/1000.

The Outlook annual ranking of India’s best professional colleges (in partnership with Drshti Strategic Research Services) is aimed to help students make an informed choice on the line of education across nine streams. The process of ranking India’s best professional colleges includes an extensive listing of institutes, writing to and contacting the directors of institutes, and encouraging new entrants across all the streams. As is the norm, for most streams, colleges with government accreditation or affiliation, and with at least three passed-out batches, were considered.

Next, detailed objective questionnaires were then sent to more than 2,200 colleges across the country in nine streams, including Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Dentistry, Law, Social Work, Hotel Management, Fashion and Mass Communication. The objective questionnaires measured colleges on five key parameters (selection process and institute profile, academics, personality development, ­placements, employment and graduating outcome, and infrastructure), the weights of which were kept constant to ensure comparability with the previous year’s rankings.

Participating this year are nearly 446 institutes across streams. This year, instead of the perceptual survey, the Drshti research team used Social Media Listing where they took into account various social media pages of colleges, and also reviewed the comments made by students and analysed it. Various industry experts from different streams were also consulted.

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