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Games are by far the highest-grossing field of the entertainment industry today. People play video games on their computers, consoles, mobile devices and anywhere we can imagine. Be part of this rapidly evolving world, learn to develop complex story-lines,characters and create sophisticated gameplay with stunning graphics. With a Chitkara B.Sc. in Animation with specialsation in Game Design, we can guarantee all of this.

Program overview

The gaming experience stretches across many platforms. People play video games on their computers, consoles, mobile devices, and soon it will be commonplace to play on clothes, buildings and anywhere we can imagine. Designing the game is far more challenging than playing it.

What you’ll learn in this games design course

Challenge your mind and learn to hone the skills you need to create clever, compelling games. You’ll learn to think up stories and concepts, and you’ll play and analyse games to work out what makes them successful. Then, follow game development from concept to publishing, sketching out your own plotlines, gameplay and character arcs – and stitching
them together to create whole new worlds. You will come out of this degree with a wellrounded understanding of game design and development. In addition to learning the design, animation and programming software used in the industry today, you’ll develop your creative storytelling and illustration skills.

Career Path

Games design is a rapidly growing industry that’s in need of talented, skilled people. There’s a huge range of career opportunities, and we can help you on your way there. Careers include:

  • Creative director
  • Producer
  • Animator
  • Game Developer
  • Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • 3D modeler
  • Lead designer
  • Level designer or builder

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