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Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a calibrated undergraduate degree for students seeking a professional education in the visual Arts and design. It is considered to be the most prestigious bachelor’s degree that one can receive in the visual arts. This Course will provide you an all-around Art & design education to become a versatile Artist and communication design professional.

An undergraduate professional program that encompasses around art and design with multilateral opportunities in the corporate world. The program can be pursued after 10+2 or equivalent exams to create your career in the world of art. A one of its kind program, BFA, eventually lands the quality candidates with big fame and bigger finances. As compared to other fields & fraternities of professional education, BFA’s stand better scope of growth and that too from the commencement of the career journey. The simplest reason for that is the lack of such professional education in our country. Besides, the less number of colleges offering BFA programs, the average student strength confines to 25 to 30 per class.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program focuses on design studies including critical thinking, communication design methodology, project development, community engagement and media management. Students will learn to translate concepts into individual expression by using drawing, color, form, space, structure, and composition and by developing a comprehensive understanding of multiple tools and media. Above all a BFA graduate learns to cultivate the intellectual, conceptual, and critical skills required in communication design industry. Quality BFA graduates are high in demand for the emerging advertising and brand management agencies. There is a great dearth of such professionals in new media based interactive design setups and allied services i.e Animation studios, Multimedia program development companies & Game interface design industry etc. Chitkara University is the first choice of students who are looking forward to joining the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) colleges in Punjab and Chandigarh.


BFA is an integrative professional program having the duration of 3-4 years, also known as BVA (Bachelors of Visual arts). Drawing, Painting, Portraiture, Watercolor, Art installations, Aesthetics, Art history critique and many more such skills are infused in the students by highly qualified and industry exposed professionals. Students who have a natural interest for visual arts or have a flair hand for sketching, drawing and visualization shall pursue in this field. Those who really enjoy creativity, imagination and want to develop a strong niche in the field of visual and performing arts should go for this program.

With an economic boost in India in the last few years, Retail & Advertising industry has shown immense growth. In lieu of which few local, regional & national brands have emerged and to serve them, the specialists in following domains are in great demand: Graphic Designers, Visualizers, Visual Merchandisers, Content writers, Illustrators, Story board developers, Ad campaign designers, Media directors, Photographers, Production managers, visual effects professionals Animators, Industrial design professionals, Visual artists, Technical artists, interior designers, 3D Artists, Art Installers, Music developers, Painting professionals, Printmaking professionals, Sculptors, Stage erection designers, stage management professionals and multimedia professionals etc.


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