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Rohan Chopra and Vanshaj Taxali ECE students for internship programs at Hager, France

We are finally at the end of our internship and this has been the best experience of our life. The type of exposure we got is priceless, not only in terms of academia but also made us independent, adaptable and forthcoming. We learnt a lot about the new technologies which are being implemented here and it’s like a pool of knowledge. People have been very nice and caring they helped us in every possible way and in every possible situation. Honestly we are in love with France and of course Hager!! Our mentors have taught us to be systematic and guided us at every small step during our project and also have taken a very good care of us even beyond the boundaries of Hager Campus. Not for a moment we felt being away from our home, as a matter of fact we never left our comfort zone.

Talking about intercultural exchange we learned a lot about French way of life. We have witnessed that people over here are very serious of the term “Work Life Balance” and thus engage themselves in many activities apart from work to keep themselves physically fit and motivated.
We have exchanged a lot of meals with senior employees and other interns of different nationality and thus came to know about their fondness about India and its culture and it gave us a great pleasure every time we had such exchanges.

Apart from this we feel delighted to inform you that our project is almost over and we brought the machine to the working stage. Though there is still some research to before it can be actually introduced in production line but sadly we won’t be here to witness it. But all in all our research work has been a success and it is very well acknowledged by our department (machinery department) and its employees. The project has been very challenging as it employed the knowledge and skills of a large no of subject and hence enabled us to think more on our feet. We thank all of you and your efforts that made us experience such a wonderful phase of life. Attached Below are some glimpse of this experience.

Thanks for believing in us and we hope that we met your expectations and made all of you and Chitkara University proud.

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