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Exchange Student @ ESIGELEC

As a student of Chitkara University, I got a chance to visit France for an exchange program. I went to ESIGELEC, Rouen which is our partner university. I was crazy to go there as I was learning French since my school days. So I grabbed this opportunity which came in my way.

I had the best time of my life. The study atmosphere in ESIGELEC is best suited for students who actually want to do some serious work. Our teachers, who mostly were visiting professors, were from transnational backgrounds having international experience. They were very helpful and had very deep knowledge of their courses. Also the mode of communication was English for international students. Hence, there was no language barrier.

I got the chance to interact with people from China, Morocco, Ivory Coast besides France. The education system in France is very different from that in India. It is designed in such a way that students don’t get burdened. If at all the students get stressed, ESIGELEC takes care of that too. Many social gatherings and trips are organised by the university. There are many clubs which students can join for participating in co-curricular activities.

Even though the life in France is very fast, the people there are very cooperative and sympathetic. France is a country where people from different cultures and traditions live together peacefully. While being in France I got the chance to visit Belgium, Netherlands and Italy. The whole experience was amazing. Highly influenced, I have opted for pursuing my master’s degree from ESGELEC.
I urge my fellow students to opt for an exchange program to any country. It will help you get an international experience which is good for growing up as an individual and as a professional. I would like to thank Chitkara University for giving me such an opportunity and to let me become their ambassador in ESIGELEC, France.

Kamaldeep Singh Oberoi

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