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Topic: Architecture

  • Chitkara faculty presents four volumes of compilation

    Prof. Nitin Dutt, Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture, presented four volumes of compilations to Prof. I.J.S. Bakshi, Director, Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture. These papers and presentations were an attempt to critically analyze va... readmore

  • Workshop on Risk assessment of Bank Square Organized by CSPA

    Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture had a Jury for the work done by the students as part of the Workshop on, “Risk assessment of Bank square, Sector 17, Chandigarh”. 90 students in 13 groups exhibited their sheets and the viva was conduc... readmore

  • Architecture students win ‘Bascule Bridge’

    TechXplore 2014’ brought in a lot of excitement and fun for students at Chitkara University and it carried out a lot of events. One event that spelt success for students of Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture was ‘Bascule Bridge’. ... readmore

  • Workshop on disaster risk assessment of Bank Square

    Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture organized a workshop on Risk assessment of the Bank Square Area of Sector 17, Chandigarh, for two days. The aim of the workshop was to assess disaster risks in the buildings and spaces in and around th... readmore

  • Third session of Intra-Faculty Lecture series by CSPA

    The third session of Intra-Faculty Lecture Series by Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture was held on October, 30, 2014. The speakers for the event Ms Meenakshi Marwari, Assistant Professor, and Ms Niyati Jigyasu, Associate Professor, CSPA, ... readmore

  • It was a brilliant trip to Delhi, Gurgaon through posters, photographs at CSPA

    Brilliant is the word for students of Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture, Chitkara University, Punjab, as they displayed a graphically documented trip at an exhibition of posters and pictures. As a tour assignment for ARL – 2415, Art ... readmore

  • ‘Village Project’ by B. Arch for Architectural Design Studio

    As part of their Architecture Design Studio, students of fifth Semester B.Arch. of Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture (CSPA), have taken up a project aimed at 'Design Interventions for Upgrading the Quality of Life' of the Village Ram Nagar... readmore

  • Expert lecture on disaster risk management at CSPA

    Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture organised an expert lecture on Disaster Risk Management in Exploretorium at Chitkara Campus. The Expert Lecture was delivered by Ms Chandrani Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Disaste... readmore

  • Chitkara student wins North Zone Award for Excellence in Architecture Thesis for 2014

    Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture is proud to announce that one of our extremely gifted students, Varun Preet Singh, of the 2009-2014 batch, has won the ‘North Zone Award for Excellence in Architecture Thesis’ for the year 2014. The Ju... readmore

  • Intra-faculty lecture series by CSPA

    At Chitkara University, it is not only our students, who are regularly nurtured and polished to become better professionals, our faculty also undergoes tremendous training and gets exposure to enhance their teaching skills and upgrade the teaching pa... readmore


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