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M.A. Applied Psychology

Chitkara University’s coveted M.A. Applied Psychology program benefits from a strong culture of interdisciplinary research and learning, practical exposure, and hands-on application. It equips you with the necessary practical experience and knowledge to fast-track your future career in clinical practice.

M.A. in Applied Psychology Chitkara Students M.A. (Hons) Applied Psychology Chitkara

Course Duration

  • 2 years of intensive learning at Chitkara University’s campus.

Internship Opportunity

To ensure our students are industry ready and fully equipped to take on challenges of the real world, we offer a blend of theory, science, and practice and students are placed in different hospitals and organisations for an internship to get the real understanding of their role as a psychologist. Our dedicated faculty assists the students in landing internship opportunities that are in line with their career aspirations and interest area.

Campus Recruitment

Graduates with a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology can look forward to a variety of possibilities in their future, across domains such as Research, Human Resources, Business Development, Management Consulting, Community Healthcare, Assessment and Investigation, Forensics, Social Work, Education and Career Counselling.


  • Eligibility Graduation (Any Stream)
  • Minimum Aggregate 50%

M.A. in Applied Psychology - Program Overview

Psychology and Counselling Chitkara

Chitkara School of Psychology and Counselling is a research-led, future-oriented institution focused on developing a new generation of thought leaders and practitioners in the field of Psychology. The M.A. in Applied Psychology is one of the most sought after courses here which attracts students from all over the country. We aim to equip students with rigorous practical and theoretical principles, as well as sound ethical, professional and research skills, to enable them to become an effective and competent professional psychologist.

To prepare them for the challenges in the world, we offer a blend of theory, science, and practice, resulting in graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and values to be effective personal/social change agents in community and society. To meet this objective, students are placed in different hospitals and organisations for carefully selected internships in line with their career goals. Our professional and academic training enables students to work in a broad range of settings, including medical, industry, government, private practice, counseling centres and academic and research settings, among others. Thus, socially responsible practitioners are prepared to meet the needs of a complex and changing world.

Some of the courses taught in M.A. in Applied Psychology will be: +
Psychology and Counselling Chitkara

Program Highlights

The program is designed to provide the clinical training, experience, and skills that place graduates at a competitive advantage in their professional journeys in the dynamic, diverse and ever-growing field of Psychology. With its blend of theory and practice, this program, equips the graduates with a secure foundation for clinical practice & research, and privileged preparation and perspective on further training opportunities.

  • M.A. Applied Psychology Chitkara Teaching Methodology
    M.A. Applied Psychology Chitkara Teaching Methodology

    Teaching Methodology

    The program lays a huge emphasis on experiential learning and hands on activities. The instructions in various courses are transacted through intensive student teacher interaction, assignments, group discussions, seminars, extension lectures, practical training in testing, experiments and computers. Besides field and lab training, students also undertake a project/dissertation on contemporary issuesin organisations and social and clinical counselling, under the guidance of competent faculty members.

  • M.A. in Applied Psychology Chitkara Psychology and Counselling
    M.A. in Applied Psychology Chitkara Psychology and Counselling

    Course Highlights

    The carefully crafted curriculum is informed by industry and academic experts. In addition to our traditional training program, we also offer a research track which provides a way to gain research experience, ideal for students interested in pursuing doctoral programs in the future. Studying this course will set you up with the knowledge and professional skills to work in a vast range of health service and research careers and across various organisations looking to add to their respective value by leveraging the skills and knowledge of our graduates.

  • M.A. in Applied Psychology Career Options Chitkara
    M.A. in Applied Psychology Career Options Chitkara

    Career Options

    A Master’s degree in Applied Psychology opens up a world of professional pathways to choose from, with Social Service and Mental Health Career being two of the most popular choices. Graduates of this program can also work in consulting with top corporate executives, in Schools and Colleges, in Forensics or pursue research. Those with a specialisation in Human Resources enjoy a definite edge and can look forward to building a bright career in the industry.

You can explore career opportunities as:

  • Research Assistant
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Career Counsellor
  • Behavioural Analyst
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Mental Health Support Worker
  • Forensic Professional
  • Criminal Profiling Investigator
  • Management Consultant
  • Academic Counsellor

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