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Library Facilities

The library services are the cornerstone of the education system at Chitkara University. Let us know the Library Facilities in Chitkara University in Punjab. The mission of our library services is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge through the acquisition, organization, and dissemination of knowledge resources.

Library Facilities in Chitkara University

The libraries at each of the campuses have spacious reading halls, periodical centers, group discussion rooms, and online database browsing areas.

The University Libraries offer a wide range of materials in a variety of formats—from traditional books and serials to films, and multimedia and networked information from around the world. Highly skilled staff assists students to use the local collections and find information on specific topics.

Our libraries are a learning space where students are inspired to explore, research, and create. Our libraries are not only the places to think but also informal work areas where students gather to collaborate. Our libraries house a collection of more than 57,800 items including books, journals, microfilms, audio-visual material, and CD-ROMs. Furthermore, the students have access to more than 10,000 electronic journals available online, apart from daily newspapers.

The University has access to a large number of e-resources, ASCE Journals, ASME Journals, IEL online, Science Direct, EBSCO, EMERALD, SciFinder, SAE-Tech Papers, Indian Standards Codes, ACM, ABI / Inform Complete (PRO QUEST), Springer Link and Engineering Reflex. Our libraries have a video conferencing facility and also provide classroom teaching through EDUSAT programs and NPTEL video courses in the different fields of education.

For more information please visit the website library.chitkara.edu.in

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