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Foundation Program in English

* Started in 2019

Chitkara University in collaboration with Inlingua International has an exclusive English Language foundation program which enables students, from Non-English speaking countries or those where English is not the first language to acquire proficiency and fluency in English language – both spoken and written.

Our foundation program in English can be covered in 3 months /6 months depending upon student’s ability to finish levels A2-Level C2. On an average every level takes 50-60 hours to finish.

About inlingua

4 continents, over 250 training centres in more than 30 countries. inlingua is all over the world.
Thanks to a proven methodology and the courage to adapt and innovate, inlingua is well equipped to continue to set standards for high-quality English instructions into the future. This University pathway program offers English Language Program for all international students who wish to strengthen their English language skills. It is highly intensive and formalized English Language course designed to enable students with the post-secondary academic skills required to succeed in a higher learning environment.

Learning English with inlingua

During our classes for the foundation program, the main focus is the spoken language. The inlingua Method focuses on your oral skills first, followed by improving your reading, listening and writing skills. Read more about the three components of the inlingua Method:

Communication first

During class, only the target language will be used. You will learn the meaning of words through their context. Another important inlingua training principle is the focus of the course on speaking and listening instead of putting you through long grammar classes. Our specialized training consists of these three stages:

    • Presentation: During the first stage, your language teacher will introduce new topics and new vocabulary with examples and involve you in the learning process.
    • Practice: Practice, practice and more practice: By using your newly gained knowledge, you will learn how to form correct sentences while gaining confidence in your language and vocabulary skills – all with the help of your trainer.
    • Production: This is the moment when you can use the language in a creative way by acting out everyday situations, fun role play scenarios and interesting presentations – giving the language an exciting new meaning.
The material from course books to apps and audio books

Course books with exercises, audio course books, presentations on tablets and other language training material: With 50 years of experience, leading pedagogical experts from all over the world have been working on making the training material as great as it is today.

Our inlingua language trainers

Better trainers make better students – this is why we work exclusively with qualified trainers who are native speakers with the ability to motivate others! Our trainers are trained through the inlingua Academy by inlingua experts in how to apply our training methods and use our specially designed material with small groups.


The foundation English program at Chitkara University is based on the Europe-wide standard set out by the Common European Framework (CEF), which covers beginners to native speaker levels for inlingua training.

    • Level 1 – Basic understanding: CEF Level A2 Can understand and answer short and simple questions in daily business life. Capable of using simple expressions and very basic phrases during travels. Can interact in a simple way, even on the phone, provided the other person talks slowly and clearly. Able to understand simple texts, signs and instructions.
    • Level 2 – Taking a more active role: CEF Level B1 Can interact with international contacts in the context of work. Capable of making more precise and differentiated statements. Can follow more sophisticated communication and telephone conversation. Capable of understanding standard business correspondence, reports and minutes. Can produce simple business texts and minutes.
    • Level 3 – Active participation: CEF Level B2 Can interact with native speakers with a degree of fluency that makes spontaneous presentations possible. Can follow negotiations and presentations and even cope with difficult telephone conversations with increasing ease. Can read and understand sophisticated newspaper articles, professional journals and business reports.
    • Level 4 – Managing communication: CEF Level C1 Can express him/herself in business contexts fluently and spontaneously, capable of conversing with business partners from English-speaking countries in all business contexts. Can follow more complicated negotiations at normal speed and recognize idiomatic expressions. Capable of working with documents at any level of business communications. Can write own presentations and reports about complex business topics.
    • Level 5 – Mastering communication: CEF Level C2 Can converse in the target language with near native proficiency. Can differentiate even the finer shades of meaning. Capable of participating in any business situation with ease. Telephone conversations no longer pose any difficulties. Can understand virtually everything read with ease.

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