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WECON 2018

Submit your Papers by August 15, 2018 in Late Entry Track. Visit conference website – www.chitkara.edu.in/wecon for more details.

Chitkara University conducts International Conference on Wireless Networks & Embedded Systems (WECON) to bring together academicians and professionals from universities, research institutes and industries from India and abroad to share knowledge on the advancement of wireless communication, wireless networking technology, embedded systems and their applications in the field of engineering/research. WECON 2018 is the 6th Edition of WECON that will be held in the November 2018. The previous edition i.e. WECON2016 was organized with Technical Sponsorship from IEEE. Proceedings of WECON2016 is available on IEEE Xplore.

WECON 2018 Theme

We are living in a dynamic world that is continually & rapidly changing. Throughout the course of history, mankind has seen technological developments in various areas like – transportation, healthcare, medical, communication, infrastructure, energy etc that has certainly improved the lives of the people & continually pushed them to think, What Next…

Today we are living in the world of electronics, where we find electronics coupled with computing & communication functionalities embedded in most of the products/gadgets/devices that we use. Through technological advancements in the field of electronics & semiconductors with possibilities of carrying out complex computations with ease together with adding various communication protocols/functionalities to the system, it is now possible for us to perceive everything around us in a total different & newer way.

Call for Papers

We seek researchers from academic institutions, industry, government research organizations from India & Abroad to present their high impact & original research work, where they have used embedded systems & wireless communication to improve/innovate the existing systems, improve performance & efficiency, and reduce power consumption & cost etc. WECON 2018 will have following five parallel tracks with topics in each track are listed (but not limited to), choose the track in which you wish to submit and submit your papers before May 10, 2018.

For more information please go to chitkara.edu.in/wecon

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