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2-Year Master of Education (M.Ed)

The M. Ed program aims at preparing teacher-educators and educational administrators/managers with a national, regional as well as a global vision of education and to equip them with the sound knowledge of teaching learning process, state-of-the-art educational technology along with Information and communication technology, applicable in the practice of education and enabling them to handle the growing needs of the 21st century.

The curriculum also emphasizes on face-to-face academic counseling, psychology practicals, supervision the practice sessions of B. Ed. students, project work and Dissertation work. It is the fusion of conventional and non conventional modes of learning. In this way this programme definitely will help the state in particular and the country in general in meeting the human resource requirement of teacher-education institutions.

To achieve its ends, the programme addresses a number of professional areas of concern including, but not limited to, philosophical and sociological concerns of education, psychological concerns of education, scientific inquiry in educational perspective or research methods in education, educometrics/ educational measurement and evaluation, teacher education, open and distance learning, educational management and administration, guidance and counseling, special needs education/inclusive education and ICT in education. The design of curriculum incorporates the latest national and international educational concerns.

Program Framework for 2 Year M. Ed

The M. Ed. program at Chitkara College of Education provides students with an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in education and to build a foundation of important critical scholarly skills appropriate for the work of developing scholars and researchers in the field of education. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop:

  • an attitude and skills related to intellectual inquiry and scholarship that are conducive to professional growth and lifelong learning
  • a knowledge base of current theory and research relevant to curriculum and administration of various educational and institutional contexts
  • an understanding of principles of and strategies for quantitative and qualitative research
  • a means to evaluate strategies and knowledge that position the student to be an informed and critical educator capable of drawing upon existing scholarship

Apart from the regular internship in leading schools/ Educational organisations of the country, there will also be an intensive focus on classroom teaching where leading practitioners from across the country will interact with our M. Ed teachers making Chitkara the best M.Ed college in Chandigarh and Punjab. The intensive modules with renowned academicians and industry experts will be spread across the 2 years and tentative schedule is as below –

Year 1 Year 2
Semester 1 August ( 2 weeks)
December (1 week)
Semester 3 August ( 2 weeks)
December (1 week)
Semester 2 January (2 week)
May ( 1 weeks)
Semester 4 January (2 week)
May ( 1 weeks)
Modules Areas to be covered
  • Advanced Educational Psychology I
  • Advanced Educational Psychology II
  • Educational Research
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Dessertation
  • Making Teacher managers
  • Educational Administration, Management and Leadership in Schools
  • Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation
  • Environmental Education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Educational Technology
  • Education For Human Rights, Peace International Education and Value Education
  • Language Proficiency
  • Pedagogy Course
  • School Internship
  • Philosophical and Sociological basis of Education I
  • Contemporary and Future Perspectives of Education I Philosophical and Sociological basis of Education II
  • Contemporary and Future Perspectives of Education II
  • Community and Co-curricular Activity
  • Health and Yoga
  • Human Resource Management in Schools
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Interview Skills
  • Placements
  • Gender, School and Society
  • Guidance and Counselling and Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • ICT and e-skills
  • Global Connect
  • Student Exchange
  • Digital Literacy
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Global Youth Culture and Identities
Academic Partnership with Chitkara International School

Chitkara International School is an ecosystem where intellect evolves the application and potential becomes performance. Established in the year 2004, the school is located in the CITY BEAUTIFUL “Chandigarh”. The campus is spread over 3.65 acres of land and is positioned as one of the premier schools of North India.

CIS is accredited to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The school also offers the CIE program (Cambridge International Examinations) for the primary learners. This advanced comprehensive program of study offers an integrated approach to learning across disciplines with an emphasis on meeting challenges in a global and technology – enabled society. Teaching is individualized and responsive to the talents of each student and the rigorous curriculum integrates the concepts and skills embedded within the major disciplines.

Chitkara International School has a longstanding reputation of doing the very best for each and every individual student.


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